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Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

Welcome to Sedona Fine Art of Flowers, your florist in Sedona.

Winter Floral Arrangements for delivery in Sedona, Arizona

Holiday Arrangements

Holiday's are celebrated around the table. Traditional fresh flower arrangements reflect the season and dress the table like no other centerpieces can.

Your Flower Gift

Flowers are the perfect gift. Order your flowers for delivery or pick up with confidence as we are a brick and mortar shop in Sedona, serving your family and friends.

Colors of the Season

Red, white, silver, forest green and even gold have become the colors of Winter for decorating, with Winter white along with silver and gold for the New Year.

Not Sure What to Send?

Give us a call and tell us a little about your family or loved one and let us make a suggestion. Call 928 284-2331. 

Add A Teddy Bear or Scented Candle

Call 928 284-2331 and we can deliver additional gifts. We have a range of premium scented and unscented candles, bears and scented soaps and keepsake vases and we recommend the best dark chocolate covered toffee available.

Call us to order 928 284-2331 or shop online below