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Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

Welcome to Sedona Fine Art of Flowers, your florist in Sedona.

Ordering information

We are able to deliver to all zip codes in Sedona, AZ. For such a small community we have an abundance of zips. We can also deliver to Rimrock, Camp Verde and Cottonwood with a bit added to the delivery fee.

Call us to place an order 928 284-2331 or email at mybouquet@me.com or simply use our "eshop"  page to select a design. We do many more interesting arrangements than we can possibly put on the eshop, but it is there for your convenience.

Weddings, elopements and engagements all take place in the forest and in our beautiful venues. We can help you with flowers to any of these locations or arrange a pick up on the way. 

Delivery zip codes in Sedona:

86336, 86339, 86351, 86341, 86340

We forward our business phone off hours to give our friends flexibility in ordering.