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Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

Welcome to Sedona Fine Art of Flowers, your florist in Sedona.


Mother's Day Flowers

Flowers are the perfect gift

 Choose from pastel or deeper tones. A table top arrangement to a statement piece from the whole family. What ever you choose, we will prepare it with care and deliver your flowers with your sentiment, to the door.

We experience an increase in costs at the market for this flower holiday stemming from the growers and passed on. We try to limit the increase passed on to you to 20% and know that you understand this is seasonal and cyclical. 

Floral arrangements for delivery from $65. We have toffee too!

Shop online by clicking the button below or call us with the details. 928 284-2331 mybouquet@me.com for help through email. 

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For our local customers, give us a call, we will have your flowers ready to pick up! Browse our greeting cards and candles too.

Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

60 W Cortez Dr, Sedona, Arizona 86351, United States

(928) 284-2331

Hours Monday through Saturday 10 am - 5pm Open Mother's Day Sunday