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Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

Welcome to Sedona Fine Art of Flowers, your florist in Sedona.

About Peter and Gari Gold Richardson in Sedona


Peter Richardson - quick bio

Peter is from Cumberland, Maryland. He earned his BFA from SVA in New York City and Master of Fine Arts in Painting from Yale University. He lived and worked, most of his adult life in NYC as a painters assistant and in galleries, then in the floral industry serving many of the museums as well as individual clients.

Sedona was already home to extended family when he decided to build in 2000, moving to Arizona full time in 2006.

Peter's home studio is available by appointment to view his large format works. A small number of his paintings can be seen in the floral shop, in Sedona.

Visit Peterrichardson.net and Bigredbarnstudio.com

Gari Gold Richardson - quick bio

Gari is from New York, NY and she pursued the arts as a youngster, pursuing dancing and drawing and later earned her BFA from SVA. Gari also studied ancient method jewelry fabrication at Kulick-Stark Academy. Her interest in metaphysics and vibrational healing led to her becoming a published author in 1987.

Seeking a less urban lifestyle, Gari moved to Sedona in 1988, teaching ballet and hatha yoga and initiated an ongoing project called "ivatos". Visit ivatos.com

Now, Gari's efforts are centered about the shop she and her husband, Peter own and run. 

Sedona Fine Art of Flowers

Opened in 2011 in a location down the street and in the current location since 2015. Peter and Gari were lucky enough to fine their current and permanent location just off the highway and near neighborhood landmarks like the pub and the post office. Stop in and visit the shop which features flowers, of course but also lovely gifts for the home as well as Gari's jewelry line.

The fine art difference explained.

Using natures most beautiful and ephemeral elements, the work we produce in our studio shop is original, fresh and creative. With two lifetimes dedicated to beauty in design, Peter and Gari always consider all aspects of design, presentation as well as the appropriate feeling for your event, or occasion.

In Sedona for your occasion or event.

In an effort to provide the best flowers available, Peter personally selects from the marketplace in Phoenix with seasonable offerings and an eye for finding the unusual of available fresh flowers.

Being in Sedona for your wedding or larger event, Sedona Fine Art of Flowers knows each venue and what really works in each. Additionally, we are always on time for your "first look" with the freshest possible bouquet for your photos of a lifetime.

Visit us in our shop or order by phone.

Peter and Gari work together to design your event or floral arrangement for delivery to a loved one. You are always welcome to stop in, in person and chat and see what we have in the cooler today, or call and we will take the time to understand your style, budget and occasion.